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Certificates of Deposits

Save for what’s next on your horizon with a Rising Bank CD. Featuring competitive CD rates and guaranteed returns, our CDs are excellent financial products for growing your money and keeping it safe.

We offer a variety of traditional Term CDs, as well as Jumbo CDs for higher deposit amounts, and flexible Rising CDs that give you the opportunity to boost both your interest rate and add to your deposit amount. Whichever Rising Bank CD you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive a great CD rate and predictable money growth.

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CD rates and terms suited to your financial goals. No matter what you’re saving for, we’ve got you covered with top-tier APYs and much more. 

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Enjoy big returns on your larger investments. A Rising Bank Jumbo CD is an easy, low-risk way to earn a high-yield.

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All the benefits of a CD with added flexibility. These bump-up CDs give you the ability to raise your rate and add more money to your account during your CD’s term. 


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Questions? Concerns? Our financial experts are standing by to provide you with the personalized service you deserve.

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Rising Bank is designed to make your banking experience as positive and secure as possible.